We have assessment packs for the following units: 

1VU22578Recognise Letters of the Alphabet and their Sounds
2VU22579Use Strategies to Participate in Learning
3VU22580Recognise and Copy Extremely Familiar Words
4VU22581Participate in Extremely Familiar Spoken Exchanges
5VU22582Recognise and Copy Numbers from 1 to 100
6VU22383Identify Common Digital Media
1VU22353Recognise, Give and Follow Simple and Familiar Directions
2VU22584Develop Language Learning Objectives with Support
3VU22585Use Beginning Language Learning Strategies With Support
4VU22586Communicate Basic Personal Details And Needs
5VU22587Give And Respond To Basic Information And Instructions
6VU22588Read And Write Short Basic Messages And Forms
7VU22589Read And Write Short, Basic Factual Texts
Clustered Units
8/9VU22587Give And Respond To Basic Information And Instructions
VU22353Recognise, Give and Follow Simple and Familiar Directions
10/11VU22352Recognise Numbers and Money in Simple, Highly Familiar Situations
VU22356Recognise and Locate Simple Numerical Information in Short, Simple Highly
Familiar Texts
1VU22590Plan Language Learning With Support Student
2VU22591Participate In Short Simple Exchanges
3VU22592Give and Respond to Short, Simple Spoken Instructions and Information
4VU22593Read And Write Short Simple Messages And Forms
5VU22594Read And Write Short, Simple Informational And Instructional Texts
6VU22595Read and Write Short, Simple Descriptive and Narrative Texts
7VU22597Locate Health and Medical Information
8VU22598Identify Australian Leisure Activities
9VU22600Identify And Access Basic Legal Information
10VU22099Recognise And Interpret Safety Signs And Symbols
1VU22358Develop learning goals
2VU22601Participate In Simple Conversations And Transactions
3VU22602Give and Respond to Simple Spoken Information and Directions
4VU22603Read And Write Simple Personal Communications And Transactional Texts
5VU22604Read And Write Simple Instructional And Informational Texts
6VU22605Read And Write Simple Descriptive And Narrative Texts
7VU22606Access the Internet and Email to Develop Language
8VU22607Explore Community Options
9VU22608Explore Transport Options
10VU22609Examine Current Issues
1VU22384Develop And Document A Learning Plan And Portfolio
2VU22402Undertake A Simple Investigation Of Health And Well Being
3VU22610Engage In Casual Conversations And Straightforward Spoken Transactions
4VU22611Give And Respond To A Range Of Straightforward Information And Instructions
5VU22612Read and Write Straightforward Communications and Transactional Texts
6VU22613Read And Write Straightforward Informational And Instructional Texts
7VU22614Read And Write Straightforward Descriptive And Narrative Texts
8VU22615Investigate Issues in the Australian Environment
9VU22616Investigate Features of the Australian Legal System.
10VU22617Investigate Features of the Education System in Australia
11VU22618Investigate Australian Art and Culture