Units/Tasks Available for the EAL Framework/ACSF

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Since 2017, Connect English Language Resources has provided an extensive range of assessment tools for the EAL Framework. We are excited to continue providing high-quality assessment tools under licence for reaccredited EAL Framework (2024-2028) and ACSF. See below for units  we will have available from 2024.

Units with a tick in the EAL column are available as our EAL Assessment Tools, whilst units with a tick in the ACSF column are available as our ASCF Assessment Tools. For more information about the difference between our EAL and ACSF assessment tools, click here.

EAL ACSF # 22636VIC Course in Initial EAL
1 VU23489 Recognise letters of the alphabet and their sounds in extremely familiar words
2 VU23490 Use extremely familiar strategies to participate in learning
3 VU23491 Recognise and copy extremely familiar words
4 VU23492 Participate in extremely familiar spoken exchanges
5 VU23493 Recognise, copy and use numbers and money from 1 to 50
6 VU23575 Recognise and use extremely familiar digital devices
EAL ACSF # 22637VIC Course in EAL
1 VU23494 Use strategies to develop language
2 VU23495 Begin language learning with support
3 VU23496 Communicate basic personal details and needs
4 VU23497 Give and respond to short highly familiar information
5 VU23498 Read and write short highly familiar messages and forms
6 VU23499 Read and write short, highly familiar factual texts
7 VU23577 Recognise and use numbers and money from 50 to 100 for highly familiar activities
8 VU23578 Recognise and use time in highly familiar situations
EAL ACSF # 22638VIC Certificate I in EAL (Access)
1 VU23500 Plan language learning with support
2 VU23501 Participate in short simple exchanges
3 VU23502 Give and respond to short, simple spoken information
4 VU23503 Read and write short simple messages and forms
5 VU23504 Read and write short, simple informational texts
6 VU23505 Read and write short, simple descriptive texts
7 VU23556 Use limited digital technology language and skills
8 VU23568 Locate health and medical information
9 VU23557 Identify Australian leisure activities
10 VU23558 Identify settlement services and support
11 VU23236 Recognise and interpret safety signs and symbols
12 BSBTEC101 Operate digital devices
13 VU22352 Recognise numbers and money in simple, highly familiar situations
14 VU22353 Recognise, give and follow simple and familiar directions
15 VU22354 Recognise measurements in simple, highly familiar situations
16 VU22356 Recognise and locate simple numerical information in short, simple highly familiar texts
EAL ACSF # 22639VIC Certificate II in EAL (Access)
1 VU22358 Develop learning goals
2 VU23519 Participate in simple conversations and transactions
3 VU23520 Give and respond to simple spoken information and directions
4 VU23521 Read and write simple transactional texts
5 VU23522 Read and write simple informational texts
6 VU23523 Read and write simple descriptive texts
7 VU23560 Access the internet and email to develop language
8 VU23562 Explore community services
9 VU23566 Explore transport options
10 VU23573 Explore current issues
11 BSBTEC201 Use business software applications
12 VU23559 Identify and access simple legal information
13 VU22370 Work with simple measurements in familiar situations
14 VU22372 Work with and interpret simple numerical information in familiar texts
EAL ACSF # 22640VIC Certificate III in EAL (Access)
1 VU22384 Develop and Document a Learning Plan and Portfolio
2 VU23524 Engage in straightforward casual conversations and spoken transactions
3 VU23525 Give and respond to straightforward information
4 VU23526 Read and write straightforward transactional texts
5 VU23527 Read and write straightforward informational texts
6 VU23528 Read and write straightforward narrative texts
7 VU23563 Investigate issues in the Australian environment
8 VU23565 Investigate features of the Australian legal system
9 VU23567 Investigate features of the education system in Australia
10 VU23569 Investigate Australian visual arts
11 VU22402 Undertake a simple investigation of health and wellbeing
12 VU22400 Work with and Interpret Numerical Information in Familia and Routine Texts